Sweeping In Charters Towers North Queensland

Wombat Sweepers have been Sweeping In Charters Towers North Queensland an old Gold minning town with hand built kerb and chanel from stone. These gutters are very large over 1 meter wide with very steep camber in parts making the project more demanding than usual which makes us excited. It means we get to showcase how well our machinery works and how efficient our team is at performing our sweeping services.

The town has not seen a sweeper for a long time, as a result there is a very thick build up of leaf under which lies a lot of fine dust and stone. On top of this Charters Towers have had no rain since last January so you can imagine how dry it is and how stubborn the dirt and debris is to move.

Wombat sweepers using a Schwarze A6500 with its 1meter wide gutter broom was able to clean the leaves out with ease and was able to deliver a seamless Sweeping service even in Far North Queensland.

This job will continue for one month as a dry hire arrangement to clean up the town and make it more attractive to visitors and locals. We will update you on the progress and the final result.