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Sweeping Port Side For Future Development

Wombat Sweepers have been engaged with the Company responsible for doing the demolition work adjacent to Port Side for future development along the Brisbane river. Friday we had the task of sweeping 50mm thick dirt from on top of old bitumen hard stand to prepare for car parking usage.

The task was a challenge as the dust had to be strictly monitored to keep under control. We achieved this effectively by first spraying a thin water coat with a 20,000 litre water truck. Sweeping was  then done using A Schwarze A6500XL  Road Sweeper, using  the sweep head only sweeping 2.3 meters wide, were the dust was not so heavy we can engage both side  brooms extending our sweep path to 3.3m wide in one pass.

This ability for such a wide sweep is unique to Regenerative air sweepers and allows a much larger area to be swept more quickly and with better dust control than a traditional broom under machine.

The sweep head  fully encloses the area being swept with air rushing in from the front, right side and a high velocity focused air blast from the rear of the pod, hence an air sweep function with no spinning broom, The sweeping  or blowing air is recycled air from the exhaust side of the suction fan which replaces a traditional broom, so it is free! and  this allows better pick up of fine dust,  then we add water as the dirt is carried up the suction tube to suppress the dust. as it enters the large 6m3 hopper.

Just like using a Honda leaf blower the regenerative air is so much more efficient at moving fine dust and dirt from uneven ground without the need for it to be totally wet to control the dust.

Sweeping In Charters Towers North Queensland

Wombat Sweepers have been Sweeping In Charters Towers North Queensland an old Gold minning town with hand built kerb and chanel from stone. These gutters are very large over 1 meter wide with very steep camber in parts making the project more demanding than usual which makes us excited. It means we get to showcase how well our machinery works and how efficient our team is at performing our sweeping services.

The town has not seen a sweeper for a long time, as a result there is a very thick build up of leaf under which lies a lot of fine dust and stone. On top of this Charters Towers have had no rain since last January so you can imagine how dry it is and how stubborn the dirt and debris is to move.

Wombat sweepers using a Schwarze A6500 with its 1meter wide gutter broom was able to clean the leaves out with ease and was able to deliver a seamless Sweeping service even in Far North Queensland.

This job will continue for one month as a dry hire arrangement to clean up the town and make it more attractive to visitors and locals. We will update you on the progress and the final result.

Port Of Brisbane Sweeping

Port Of Brisbane Sweeping

This week we were called to the Port of Brisbane to clean up after a large shipment of steel was loaded for Nigeria. From the photos you can see the before and after dock areas “Wombat Sweepers” with regenerative air sweeping were able to not only achieve a high standard of cleaning but also with excellent dust control.

These same style of sweepers have been used in the port of Townsville for the last 14 years sweeping Copper dust, zinc dust and lead dust to keep the pollutants from the harbour. The regenerative air sweepers give an excellent retention of fine particles which is vital for protecting the environment.

Raymond Wolmarans our operator was complemented by a representative from the Port of Brisbane on the quality of the clean achieved.

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Wet Factory Floor Sweeping Scrubbing Project. Not only do we have the best sweepers in Brisbane, we also supply scrubbers and auto scrubbers for projects of all sizes. We love what we do and it shows in our work.

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7 Eleven Carpark Sweeping and Scrubbing

7 Eleven Carpark Sweeping and Scrubbing

Sweeping At Bunnings Hardware Brisbane

Sweeping At Bunnings Hardware Brisbane. We are proud to be working with such a great brand and look forward to working with you just as much.