Sweeping Port Side For Future Development

Wombat Sweepers have been engaged with the Company responsible for doing the demolition work adjacent to Port Side for future development along the Brisbane river. Friday we had the task of sweeping 50mm thick dirt from on top of old bitumen hard stand to prepare for car parking usage.

The task was a challenge as the dust had to be strictly monitored to keep under control. We achieved this effectively by first spraying a thin water coat with a 20,000 litre water truck. Sweeping was  then done using A Schwarze A6500XL  Road Sweeper, using  the sweep head only sweeping 2.3 meters wide, were the dust was not so heavy we can engage both side  brooms extending our sweep path to 3.3m wide in one pass.

This ability for such a wide sweep is unique to Regenerative air sweepers and allows a much larger area to be swept more quickly and with better dust control than a traditional broom under machine.

The sweep head  fully encloses the area being swept with air rushing in from the front, right side and a high velocity focused air blast from the rear of the pod, hence an air sweep function with no spinning broom, The sweeping  or blowing air is recycled air from the exhaust side of the suction fan which replaces a traditional broom, so it is free! and  this allows better pick up of fine dust,  then we add water as the dirt is carried up the suction tube to suppress the dust. as it enters the large 6m3 hopper.

Just like using a Honda leaf blower the regenerative air is so much more efficient at moving fine dust and dirt from uneven ground without the need for it to be totally wet to control the dust.